Slope Rebels was set up by a select group of members who are passionate about radio control soaring. Sloping makes up the largest part of our flying, along with flat field and electric flight and we are based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. All the places we fly are public, and we have no field to rent and therefore there is no fee for joining the Slope Rebels. Membership is based on mutual respect and a shared passion for flying.
We encourage fliers with similar views to share their experiences and love of anything that flies.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Flying at Cuyler Manor

These photos taken on Sunday are courtesy from Sean..... I was "gardening"!!!!
Vic's electric floater.... Launching on the winch

Dale launching his Tokolosh..
Dale striding along

Vic with another successful launch!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Behind the scenes

The Jart story is not over yet!

Until we have mastered the art off bagging the wings and completing the" glass ship"process, we would not have for filled the goal!

The Mylars have been sprayed and cut

The glass cloth layers cut and ready for wetting out.

The Wetting out of the glass cloth. We ran into some problems as the epoxy was flashing off due to the high temperature!

In the vacuum bag and weighted down......
Time will tell if this was only another experiment!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another Fishy Day

And we almost did not go to the slope....... as the wind was a light 12 to 15 km/h South West

This is fish number 4 and getting better.... The all up weight is 405g and she flies beautifully in a light wind.
Did we have Fun!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Slipper Magic

It was a weekend of frenetic flying!
Sunday the wind came thru South West at a steady 35km/h and the Southwest face was working beautifully....
We had five Correx Mig 7's up and Daron maiden ed both his Ventus (after a complete rebuild) and his new fish.

New Swinger 48 aerobatic

Daron, Sean, Morne, Ashley and Marcus doing their thing

The Ventus taking to the sky!

Where is the sunblock!

The Big 5 as Sean would say!

Morne's new Jart lost some of it's trim and sounded like a Checkers packet in the wind
Sean's Red Bull Jart took a tumble after the battery failed to deliver! (or did we charge it....)