Slope Rebels was set up by a select group of members who are passionate about radio control soaring. Sloping makes up the largest part of our flying, along with flat field and electric flight and we are based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. All the places we fly are public, and we have no field to rent and therefore there is no fee for joining the Slope Rebels. Membership is based on mutual respect and a shared passion for flying.
We encourage fliers with similar views to share their experiences and love of anything that flies.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ZAlly's last dance

The damage was worse than it looked with the wing fractured in two places

Sunset on the Lady Slipper

Monday, September 6, 2010

Carbon ZAlly

This is what has been keeping us "busy"
Carbon ZAlly is the product of "Thepasty"'s design and is a flying wing utilising a PW1211 profile section designed by Peter Wicks
We have created a mould for the fuz, and are experimenting with bagged wing lay-ups
Here is a video on Vimeo

ZAlly in flight

Desperate to fly!

Waiting out the rain
Wazabi in flight
Jim the "Flying Beagle"and Brad

Daron doing the wind dance

Friday, September 3, 2010

wazabi in a good blow

I know we have neglected the site for a while....

But here is some more footage of the wasabi on the North East Slipper face.

Good flying Sean!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Alula: Dream Flight

You just have to have one of these in your quiver...
She weighs 168 g AUW and can be side arm launched. (SAL)
Perfect to be flown off a dune in light wind.... and travels well!

Alula in breathless conditions!

Side arm launch

And catch...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So this is what we have been up to!
This one was the 1st of 6, and is a Tadd heavy, and is being sent to Cornwall in the UK to be flown by Thepasty!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Brad maidens his Mig7

Brad's new Mig7. Built by Sean Oelofse...Another one!!
Lady Slipper

Daron doing the launch. Flew off beautifully!
Daron's E-Hawk
Johann launching the TokoThe "quiver"

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Team Monkey: Flying the Swinger 48

So, it all came together on Saturday.....
We had seven Swinger 48's up and had a ball!!!!

Team Swinger: South Africa from Johann Lochner on Vimeo.
Team Swinger: South Africa from Johann Lochner on Vimeo.
Our thanks to Team Monkey UK for the design and support.
Camera work done by Brad and Alain....
And to Vic for his patience,dedication and skill in supporting the Rebels when they don't know what they are doing....
Morne, Vic, Markus, Sean, Johann & Daron.... Donald was a bit late and missed the group photo, but his plane made it!!!

Markus's Swinger

Vic about to launch...
Donald doing his thing!

Sean's Swinger in it's day-glo colour scheme
Daron's Swinger... He says it flys like a kite!!!

Johann's Swinger moving out!!!

Morne's STURDY correx Swinger!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wasabi: Total Acrobat Build (Part 1)

The Wasabi is a molded slope soared designed for "Total" aerobatics. It is the fruit of the team work between French acrobat master Jérome Bobin, airfoil designer Thierry Platon and Flybiwo.
The Wasabi has powerful but precise roll and camber control as well as an impressive speed range.Wingspan: 1500mm
Wing area: 26dm2
Aspect ratio: 8,6
Stab area: 5dm2
Length: 980mm
Wing section sym 9%
Tail section: sym 7%
Weight: 1100g
Wing loading: 42g / dm2
Foam marked and ready for shaping.....

Plug sprayed with 3M77 and all
dressed up!

Plug wet out and in the vacuum bag.

Wing roots aligned
Vic fitting the built up wing to the plug for a double check!
Bench flying!!!!
Now the work on the mould starts.....