Slope Rebels was set up by a select group of members who are passionate about radio control soaring. Sloping makes up the largest part of our flying, along with flat field and electric flight and we are based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. All the places we fly are public, and we have no field to rent and therefore there is no fee for joining the Slope Rebels. Membership is based on mutual respect and a shared passion for flying.
We encourage fliers with similar views to share their experiences and love of anything that flies.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Toko Maiden: SW Slipper Face

The Toko is built by Craig Baker from Cloudbase Composites. You can see their Blog at
Craig rushed the build so that we could take the plane to Hermanus..... But that was to be a non event as the wind never blew in our favour!
So finally we have the opportunity to get some wind over her wings!

Sean doing the last checks before the maiden flight.

Double check!

And away she goes!

The sky was a bit hazy, but the colour scheme stands out well!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Floaters over maitlands

We share the slope with the local parragliders.

Daron launching his 2600mm scale Discus

Daron's favorite 3m Bird of Time

Brad's electric powered floater

Daron doing the honours for Brad

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More light winds....

Sean' compact in light south westerly winds at Maitland.

Sean and Tony setting up.

Monday, December 14, 2009

E-Migs over Maitlands

Another windless day.....

Two e-migs in formation over Maitlands

Sean's correx e-mig

Note the lack of white horses over the sea!

Traditional Mig profile captured in Correx and powered with an Axi motor, 2200mah LiPo and a 10x5 apc prop.

Red Bull Jart: Slipper West Face, 80km/h wind

In our rush to complete all our planes for the Hermanus slope event in November, we were desperate to complete the Jart trials.
Sean did extremely well to control the unweighted Jart with an all up weight of 1200g in the given conditions.
This post has previously been added to the SA Jart Blog, but as this will always remain in my memory, I thought it justifies being posted!
Well done Sean!

High wind conditions of 80km/h

Typical Jart jet like profile

Some describe the Jart as a lethal weapon.... It just depends in who's hands it is!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brad having a 60 min flight.

Brads Dragon Wing had duration second to none!! He could have flown for hours. We were on the slope but there was no wind.

Electric Mig goes sloping.

When there is no wind, we turn to the e-Migs.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Electric slope Mig

This is an Electric Correx MiG that Sean built for those windless days on the slope. The plane can handle those bumpy and rocky landings we have on the slope. The first attempted throw is testimony to the hardiness of the plane.....

Sean's second attempt on our Summerstrand field. The first attempt at Hermanus went all wrong when Sean switched off the TX by accident!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Port Elizabeth RC Slope Pilots

Some of the local pilots photographed back in 2007 on the Lady Slipper

Daron van Greunen flying a Jart on the Slipper SW Face

Sean Oelofse with his Correx Mig at Maitlands

Morne concentrating on his left and right thumb.

From left to right:
Morne, Alain, Vic and Dale

Gavin: We try to encourage youngsters to substitute their computer games with real time fun!

Daron and Sean launching a new plane on the Slipper SW Face

Mike with a correx Mig.

Johann Lochner ( myself) with a Red Bull Jart

Sean with a Jart on the Slipper

Dale sporting his experience!

Vic and Sean on the NE Slipper Face

Daron flying a Jart on the Slipper SW Face

We hope to include some more photos of the local slope pilots, and perhaps an interview series!

Windless slope soaring

We cannot count the days that we have had a howling wind in town and on our arrival at the slope, found that the wind has dropped below 20km/h! This leaves us twiddling our thumbs in dismay, as most of our planes are designed for strong winds and lots of lift.

This has led us to adapt and on most days we take along either electric gliders or light weight planes that we can fly irrespective of the wind strength
Some of our favorite planes for light wind conditions.

Above: Sean's electric Correx MIG

Above and below: Johann's 1700mm Baudis Zoom fitted with an Axi geared motor and 14x12 folding prop
Sean built this beautiful electric Correx MIG for me. You can see more on their Blog:

Below: Daron's favorite light wind slope soarer is an electrified Bird of Time.

Daron's Bird of Time ended up in the sea and here he is going for a swim to retrieve it (what's left)