Slope Rebels was set up by a select group of members who are passionate about radio control soaring. Sloping makes up the largest part of our flying, along with flat field and electric flight and we are based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. All the places we fly are public, and we have no field to rent and therefore there is no fee for joining the Slope Rebels. Membership is based on mutual respect and a shared passion for flying.
We encourage fliers with similar views to share their experiences and love of anything that flies.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Fish on the Blog

The Swinger 48 is cool new mini-VTPR 4-axis slope plane, designed to perform nearly every aerobatic move in the book and is only limited by the pilots imagination. The Swinger is dedicated to the art of “freestyle” flying incorporating the French approach called VTPR = Voltige Tres Pres du Relief. Crazy French slope flying! Aerobatics Very Close to the Ground “

Sean launching the Swinger
The Swinger can be found on the Team Monkey build thread at:
Any Fish around???

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sean's Bomber

D-Day has arrived!

The wind was a light 15km/h, but straight up the slope. The plane was built a couple of years ago by Sean Oelofse and has not flown for the last two years.

Sean Oelofse: Pilot and builder

Morne giving Sean a hand

Morne doing the infinity and beyond....

Who says size does not count?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Field Flying

With no wind we were back on the field this weekend!

Daron and Sean discussing the Trojan
Andre and his Dragon . The wheels came off on each landing. Try some glue Andre!

Daron loves flying this plane inverted.... Until his battery ran out and he made an inverted landing on his back!..... No damage!

Barry's Taylor Craft

Barry's Flying Circus "Video"

Barry's Flying Circus

Barry's Camp.... "This reciever is only good too a 100m! I could never have been that high"!

Barry's Spud

Barry, Andre & Daron on the landing strip.... (cricket pitch)

Taylor Craft lifting off

I'm having difficulty posting the video clip, but will do so later!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We're all Back!!!

Some of us never left!.... and had some wonderful flying. According to Daron, he needed a break as it was blowing everyday!
For myself it is great to be back!
Yesterday, as I watched the wind spike and climb to 40knots SW, I kept repeating to myself, YOU JUST GOTTA LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!
But there is a sting to the tail......
The Maitlands vacuum bubble!
And yesterday was no exception. The wind strength was only 16km/h and dropping! Can you *%$#& believe it!!!!

Alain casting his technical eye over the Toko

Tony battled a bit in the light wind with his Little Devil

The Toko is moving fast up the favoured plane list!

Mark with his Correx MiG that he specially built for Hermanus

Sean just can't seem to fly anything the right way round!

And that's is why I love this so......
On top of a mountain with the wind in your face and a graceful sailplane in your hand. All at one with the elements!