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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Mig 7 Story "Hermanus"

We all rushed our Correx MiG seven builds!!! We had Team MiG jackets made! We even competed on selected colour schemes..... and it never happened!

The 700km odd trip to Hermanus ended up with the weather letting us down badly!!
This video happened later and at best only got 5 up at the same time...

Mixing it up from Johann Lochner on Vimeo.

The wind blew in the wrong direction on both days!!
The Team MiG photo does not reflect all the members as.... SOME... Slope Rebels abandoned the slopes and headed home earlier!

The Wednesday night build group
Alain's MiG.. .Where is it! Why are we still waiting???
Mike did a fantastic colour scheme on his plane.
Sean with one of his earlier models. Vic Hoxley was going to pilot it in Hermanus!
Shawn Ruth with his
colour scheme. The rumor is that it needs some fixing..... And he can't even blame Ashley!(His son)
Sean's latest MiG 7 doing it's rounds
Daron's MiG sporting it's colours
Morne's MiG surprised us all when it made an appearance... Perhaps the "Stang" never recovered after colliding with the Red Bull MiG?????

Gavin with the "repaired Red Bull MiG
Marcus and his lethal looking MiG 7


  1. The question about Alain's Mig is valid! Apparently, the formers are glued in the fuse! But that is about it! He is away from his workshop or busy with his family! Really pathetic excuses, what does he do between 23h00 and 06h00, there is plenty time!
    Slope Rebel!

  2. Are there any plans/drawings for the Mig?
    Looks a lovely flier.

  3. Bill Check out the Correx link on the home page... That blog is set up by Sean Oelofse and has the plans on there somewhere..